Friday, 31 October 2008

Support - first Lesson

First Impressions

  • Introduce each other, identify needs in the next 2 weeks. (e-Mail, Facebook etc)
  • Sensible Units This site puts number into context. But can give too much information
  • Russian As long as you know up to your 5 times table this will help you with your 6 to 10's - the way Russian Peasants did on their hands. Like anything else needs practice
  • A test in Numeracy from the BBC
  • Bitesize from the BBC
Finding your level
  • If you can get 30 ish and above that is a pass in each level.
  • You need to know which level you are on in Key Skills
  • Working Towards Level 1,
  • Passed Level 1. (GCSE Level D in mathematics)
  • Working Towards Level 2
  • Passed Level 2 (GCSE Level C and above)
Practice Papers

The site
  • You can do this in lesson and at home.
  • The computer will mark the paper for you.
  • You can summarise the questions and find out where you went wrong.
  • This site has two numeracy papers at each level Key Skills
  • This part of the site can help you practice particular topics
The QCA site
  • These have to be printed out and marked by your tutor.
  • There are .pdf sample files here Numeracy